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After School Creative Art Classes, Painting, Mosaics, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Drawing, Book making.

Very enthusiastic about making all sorts of  imaginative well thought out art, very engaging , talented personality.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday After School   3.30 pm to 4.30pm.
Each session is one hour long.
Classes start 1st week back to school.
Limited to only 18 pupils, maximum 6 in a class.
This is the best class size for optimal learning.

Quality prices Quality materials Quality accelerated, personalised creative teaching in a genuine artist's environment.

Please phone for a free consultation.
See if your child likes it.
Phone 346-3435

Lovely work, comes up with very inventive ideas and  has very competent mosaic skills. A joy!

Very creative, has strong sense of colour and design,  decisive, comes up with fascinating ideas for series.  Both brother and sister work well together, both are a joy to teach, and have a delightful family.  A pleasure to have in the class

 Loves her art and creativity.  Vibrant colour sense. Great communicator. A pleasure to have in the class

Loves gold, painting skills developing well, bright, happy and focused. Loves art, is always optimistic  and  well behaved.

Have produced a lot of  colourful mosaics and paintings that they have displayed in their garden and on their walls and given away to relatives as presents.  The twins work well as a humorous artistic team. Parents, Owners of Third Place Café, Lake Road display some of my paintings and mosaics on their walls.  

Natural flair with colour

Carefully constructed work, detail orientated and a pleasure to teach. Cat lover!!!!

Aspiring model

Good little artist from the very beginning, this was only his second painting.

Started out with little confidence but rapidly gained it with individual attention. Very modern and impressionistic style

Very confident with colour and design, she was in her element creating which was lovely to be a part of.

Confident with  brush skills and a fast worker.  Clearly liked coming up with her own ideas which was empowering for her.

Self portraits with plastic animals.

Anthropomorphic cat with plastic animals. Pupils then write a small story or poem  about the work.

Anthropomorphic Pigeon
Each animal was named and they had to go on a small adventure. Ideally the lesson has three interacting characters with drama and conflict resolution.

It's very interesting to me which animals children pick as their favourites or totems and what their names are with the associated stories.

 Mr Hat the Panda.   How cute perhaps he's worried about the time. We put various background papers on first so that it helps tell the story and sets the scene.

This cats name is BS I wonder that that stands for.

Self portraits can be quite revealing how a person is feeling and what their thoughts are. Picasso said painting is just another way of writing a diary.
 I like  people to respond to their  surroundings and incorporate the magic of what nature has to offer.

Every child is an artist,  the challenge is how to remain one once you grow up.

Phone 073463435
For a free consultation and needs assessment for your children, so that we can taylor make a personalised programme that is fun, exciting, mindful and peaceful.
Genuine enquiries about including your child in my art school are welcome

           Testimonials  from Happy clients

My granddaughter and I have had mosaic and painting lessons with Janet for many years and we have really enjoyed our lessons and our time with Janet.
We endorse Janet as an excellent creativity teacher for all ranges of people from special needs to gifted people.
At one time my granddaughter was very unwell, Janet went the extra mile to come to our home to support our family, and my granddaughter was able to continue with her lessons from home.
Janet’s positive and enthusiastic energy helped us though our difficult time.
Thank you Janet
Averie Oliver
 By Rya Patel
Detailed photorealistic work. Rya has a lot of patience and attention to detail.
My daughter Rya has always had a passion for art .

Right from when she was little she would always spend a lot of time colouring and drawing.

I wanted her to advance her art skills and therefore enrolled her in Janet’s art class.
With Janet’s help and guidance Rya learnt a lot of new skills and really improved her drawings and paintings .

She produced some excellent masterpieces which are proudly displayed on the walls in our house.

Janet is an excellent teacher who gives her students the freedom to explore new things while providing guidance and expertise at the same time.

I would be happy to recommend Janet to anyone who would like to take their child’s art skills to the next level. Janet has such a bubbly and vibrant personality and is very approachable and a joy to know.

Meeta Patel

Please phone for a free consultation if you are genuinely interested in lessons and to see
if your child likes it.
Phone 346-3435  027 3513887

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