Creativity Classes for 2019, please ring for your free consultation

Enrolling now:  please phone 346 3435,  email or text to 0273513887
 for your free assessment and interview to see if your child would like it.  Only genuine enquiries welcome.

Children and young adults mosaic classes.
Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday  from 9.30am to 10.30pm for home schoolers.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm school children and young adults.

All ages of children and young adults welcome.
Come as a family, grandmothers bring your grandkids.
Book your space and make a fish, bird, heart, flower,  or other shape of your choice. 

Here is Emily on a school holiday mosaic project, she is a very bright and creative pupil.

These guys did really well with their fish

with their trout

I made a bird, it was fun, loved having them in my studio.

The first holiday programme they did, they made this fish and dog, well done

Sarah a lovely careful and creative worker  with her bird

A lovely careful worker who is home schooled did the beginners mosaic class in four two hour sessions.



Finn loves cars

 Finished car

This is a hippopotamus was made with a mother and daughter who came for two days, the mother made a great mirror and they also did some paintings.

Fish, grouted white

A fat dog to be grouted

Grandparents with their grandkids are welcome, fish and dog project

Flower and Fish

Mother and daughter from Japan came and did a whole series of mosaics and paintings. 
They also bought their dog, such happy memories.

Keiko's first painting she is a gifted realistic  painter

 Suitable for the garden or your bedroom. 
Ages 6 to 16 welcome. 
Restricted to 8  in a class.
 Small classes mean lots of help and attention. 

Please wear old clothes, provide a drink and a snack,
be on time as it is an accelerated class and we have a lot to cover. 

Materials per session included. 

Please  book and pay in advance by cheque or cash  or to my bank account to secure your place
Contact me for prices and bank account details.

Phone 07 3463435 
Cell 0273513887
or email
374 Clayton Road,
Rotorua, New Zealand. 

After School Craft, Art and Mosaic Classes
 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm
Every student  has their own projects tailor made to their personality and style to encourage creativity. 

We did some very interesting and unusual projects.
 I loved to see what she came up with.  Fun, Fun, Fun.

Very careful , photo realistic worker. Such grace and beauty and lovely mother and brother.

 Fine producers, turned their garage into their own  art gallery.

I loved these sisters amazing colour sense.
Their work done in pastel colours looked good enough to eat.

 Self portrait class with animals.
This was awesome to see their expressive work.
The self portraits actually looked like them which is a hard thing to achieve.

Kyle came for many years. He was my first and longest  pupil

John came for a year and did a serious of really masculine paintings.

Every style is welcomed in my studio. if a child wants to express themselves with scary things I let them because it's netter out than contained within.


Adult Mosaic Classes for  Beginners  

Every Monday Tuesday and Wednesday  morning from 9.30am to 11.30am during term time.

Fish, Mirror, Pot
Start anytime you want and stay for four sessions. 
Classes limited to 8 people. 

Cash or cheque  or ask for my bank account details.

No eftpost. 

 Limited spaces available.

Women's groups and clubs a speciality, if you bring 6 other women or men  friends along you can obtain a free class for yourself. 


Beginners Painting Classes For Adults

4 weeks

Beginners Painting Class 4 times 2 hour sessions.

Monday , Tuesday,  Wednesday  mornings.

 For genuine enquiries we can arrange for a free consultation to assess your needs.

Phone 346 3435 or 027 351 3887

Advanced mosaic classes and acrylic classes available on request. 

Set you own project and I will help you with it. 
Work towards an exhibition. 
Make a visual diary
Make presents for friends. 

You can come along to a class on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday  mornings  and do your own project in your own special advanced  area. 

Private one on one coaching classes available.   Prices on application. Ring for your free consultation today.


Phone  07346-3435



374 Clayton Road. Rotorua. New Zealand

 School Mosaic Projects            


  Phone 07 3463435


New project. 

Painting of school murals like a patchwork with Resene paints.

Each child has a 10 by 10 square to cover we patch them together like a quilt and place them on an outside wall to make it look glorious.

Simple, easy, peasy formula to guarantee success. 

Any theme welcome. Visual poetry, faces. flowers, recycling, mini beasts etc, the sky's the limit. 

Designs to fit in with your curriculum. 

See if you can organise it as part of a gateway project. 

Prices for project management, dependent on size of project. 

Phone 07  3463435 

 If you have any idea for an art workshops for a group of people.

Let me know and I can tailor make one to your group. 

Creative Quote of the day

Creative activity could be described as a type of learning process where teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. Arthur Koestler