Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ten reasons to do something creative every day...

You feel free to bust down those walls and fences when you create.

Things don't seem so scary  so you take more risks when you are  in the creative flow

Colours are brighter, clearer and more beautiful

Animlas love it when you are being creative because they get to watch.

You are more centered and calm so you can sense the right path to take
You have a bigger sense of wonder and adventure when you are creative, it is easier to climb those mountains ( or trees). Also the mountains don't seem so big.

You can connect with your spiritual side when you are being creative, angels start appearing everywhere.

Bad weather doesn't affect you so much because you are sunny inside

Miracles can occur if you are open to them, while being creative

                                                  You feel as free and happy as a child during creative play

If art is not your thing, try writing three pages or even one page a day. Connecting to your creativity is the best thing you can do for your mind, body and soul.
Give it a try this year.
I dare you...

                         Creative Quote of the day

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Graham said...

nice shot of the neighbour's sheep and gary.