Thursday, November 25, 2010

What have I done creatively lately? I've been trout watching...

Over the years I have made and sold hundreds of mosaic rainbow trout, see my website
 Whats the attraction with trout?

Trout Fishing
Before I became a  full time artist, semi vegetarian,  non- drinker and non smoker, I used to take my aluminium dinghy out on Lake Taupo and a couple of cans of beer and I'd troll for trout.

 I had a favourite place to fish infront of two holes in a cliff at Whangamata Bay
On a good day, I'd haul one in about every three hours.

Baked Trout Recipe
My favourite rainbow trout recipe is to stuff them with breadcrumbs, herbs and onions plus margarine, wrap them in tinfoil and bake them for three quarters of an hour in the oven on a moderate heat.
They are also very nice smoked.

The minute you kill a fish its luminosity fades to a dullish dish water grey and its sparkly eyes turn into pools of black. Being an artist has sharpened my observational skills and has made me more sensitive to colour, light and pain.

Trout making Workshops
I now run mosaic workshops for children and adults where people make their own rainbow trout.
My mosaic trout have travelled to new homes as far as Holland, Germany, USA, England, France and Australia.

Trout Hatchery Paradise Valley
My  most recent brush with trout was my visit to the trout hatchery in Paradise Valley a couple of days ago. The staff breed fish there from little fingerling's to big, fat old trout so that our waterways and lakes are stocked up, enabling anglers to have ubiquitous fishing opportunities.

Stock is transported to places all over New Zealand from the fisheries.
 The organisation is run by the Rotorua District Council and  partly funded by the proceeds from  fishing licenses.

 It's a lovely place to walk. It's free to visit.  Here are some shots...
                                                                       Stream walk

Sign to hatchery

                                                           Fingerling's inside hatchery

Creativity quote of the day
A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.

Have you any trouty stories you'd like trot out?
Feel free to throw me a line.

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