Monday, January 17, 2011

Poetry of mine that has been published on Black Mail Press

 The Secret

Does the red or blue
go best with this dress?
He wishes to ask his wife
but it's out of the question,
horsing around in her shoes

He slides his hairy stocking on

He puckers his lips,
Pelican pink or Sultry salmon?
He wishes to ask his daughter,
but it's out of the question,
larking round with her lipstick

The handbag's a no-brainer
with its lyrical trim of
peacock feathers and crocodile black

He clip clops to his blue poptop
and drives to his red
Vet Shop

He steels himself
and  opens the doors to a chorus of meaows

He enters
Then  neuters
their  black fluffy cat.

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