Thursday, March 24, 2011

What have I been doing creatively recently ? Writing an Apple Essay...

I have been going to an orchard for the past twenty five years called Classic Roses.

                                                                        Dappled Apples

 It's on the Whakatane Highway, just before you get to Hells Gate.

They have the most beautiful, fresh tasting apples, passionfruit and seasonal vegetables in the world.
I love the Braeburns best because they are tangy.

                                            Apple eating is hot work

                                                                Snapped red handed
You pick your own which makes the experience even more delicious.

They have a gorgeous rose garden where I bought  most of my roses for my cottage garden with white fantailed doves and large areas of rambling old walnut trees,  kiwifruit vines, dahlias, plum trees, raspberry canes, sweetcorn  and grapes.

The place is run by a couple who must be over seventy; you can tell that it's their passion.

Who wouldn't Be Tempted?

                                     Plenty of apples for our daily apple eating contests
I often say to my husband when we win lotto I'd love to buy this place.
I'm hoping when they grow too old to carry on that some special person will discover it and contuinue their legacy.
 The thought of a developer buying it up, tearing out the apple tress and turning it into a subdivision full of bland homes is sickening.

Plenty of Apples  for Everyone

Birds Love Apples too

Places like this need to be treasured and supported, there are not enough left of them in the world.
They are places that inspire creativity because they are full of love and wilderness.

The apples and produce are way more reasonably priced and much tastier than in the supermarket.

We didn't sample that many, promise...

We'll be back for the Braeburns

Creativity Quote of the Day
Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.
Martin Luther

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Jacque said...

Great I am hungry! We live in an area that is known for apple orchards, but none are pick-your-own. There is something about this area of the Missouri River that is conducive to growing apples, peaches and grapes, so we have several vineyards around us. The apples in your pictures look perfect!