Sunday, October 16, 2011

What about this for a little light relief? Focus on the mandala and make a wish.

When I am experiencing performance anxiety regarding my photography I make these Mandalas.
They remind me that ultimately the journey of creativity needs to be fun.
It is also a spiritual journey and it's vital to enjoy the process.
You can accept a critique and take what you need out of it, but ultimately if other people don't "get" your work; tough luck.
Van Gough only ever sold one painting in his lifetime and look at how much his masterpieces are worth now.
So here they are....

Some will, some won't, so what, just keep on aiming towards the moon.

Creative Quotes of the day
If you aim for the moon and you miss you will land amongst stars.

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Maggie McAndrews said...

Hi Janet Mandala's are amazing I worked with an artist who helped make Mandala's with the patient's I worked with they loved them too. Your camera work is stunning too. It would be great to receive a postcard from you I look forward to receiving one from you. Maggie McAndrews UK