Friday, March 9, 2012

Mixed media painting pupils work and testimonials.

"Janet is great at unlocking people's inherent creativity and guiding with her dynamic and inspiring energy". Karina Gulieva.

I  first met Karina while I was hanging my photographic work in the library last year.
We spent a good half hour talking about art and creativity. 
 I handed her my business card and she rang up the next week and booked herself on one of my 6 week  mixed media painting courses.
Her work is vibrant and compelling and she has an innate sense of design .
She staged a solo exhibition in the Rotorua library early this year and is now doing a year long Diploma in Small Business at the  Waiariki Institute of Technology and is looking around to exhibit in galleries around the Bay of Plenty.
 As you all probably know the marketing and business side of being an artist is as important as producing the actual artwork so Karina is on track.

Up to 40 per cent of your time needs to be spent on marketing, according to experts like  Art Marketing guru  Lisa Stanfield who has written a very popular book called "I'd Rather be the Studio."  
Your first works are often sold to friends and family members so networking is paramount. 
 Karina has a number of commissions from clients who are related to her partner and she is busy completing them.

 My mixed media painting classes cater to all types of artists, from individuals, groups and families  who want to come along and have some fun and time out  to express themselves to people who would like to make art as a full time career.

 Phone me on 3463435 for a free in studio consultation about your artistic needs.
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Creativity quotes of the day
"We are all students. The moment we believe we have 'arrived we're in trouble". Brenda Behr

"As a student I learned from wonderful teachers and ever since then I've thought everyone is a teacher."

Bill Moyers

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