Friday, March 9, 2012

Learn new techniques in Mixed media Classes by Janet Keen - recent student work.

Mixed media, this client is making a series of six women from all over the world. This one's obviously French.
I think the series is going to be stunning when it's finished. This was done after the clients second class with

 After Mondiglani. Lisa'a second painting. Lisa is a very patient and diligent art pupil.
I cater to people l who have different styles from gestural to photographic.
 Pupils  are encouraged to  loosen up and have fun because  it's not about perfection it' about leaving gaps and letting people's minds fill them.
You don't have to spell out every last word in the story.
I have the studio, the space and the inspiration to make it easy to start or continue your artistic journey.

Catwoman,  Heather has been coming to classes for a while, she is in my advanced mixed media paintings classes where pupls do their own series of works with my guidance and using my vast array of art books for prompts.
I arrange exhibitions for them and guide  them on trips to art galleries in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. Heather has sold around 8 works so far and has had a number of commissions.
Staying on track in these time poor challenging times helps if you have support and I am available  to be a mentor to people  who geniunely want to achieve.
 After 28 years of art making; I have the knowlege and connections to help  a range of people.

Debbie has been coming to me for the longest  time out of all my adult pupils. About 6 years I think. She is going so well and is ready to be exhibiting in professional galleries.
She just needs some more encouragement to take that first step.
I am available with my advanced pupils to recommend which galleries they should exhibit  into and to help prepare their submissions.

Some of us at our last years Rotorua library exhibition.

More work will  be posted soon with client testimonials.

I am taking bookings for my next lot of beginners mixed media classes. Please email me at for enquiries on dates.
Also arrange for a  free introductory consultation to visit my studio and discuss your creativity dreams and aspirations.

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