Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zombie Walk Part Two

 Asians shooting the event, it was a real crowd attractant, every member of the public photographing the event was asked to put in a donation for the brain injury association, so they definitley contributed well.

Robert  was one of the leaders of the Zombie walk through town to the city focus and back to the lakefront, helping to make sure  everyone kept together so that cars weren't  held up too long.
Zombie Carrying two heads


Bridesmaid Zombie 
Cut little devil Zombie 

Killer Zombie
Zombies gathering at the City Focus 
Walking towards the lakefront 

Prizes given to Zombies for a number of categories.

Family Zombie Winners 

                                                   Zombie Prize Winners

                                                                     Best Character
                                                    Layla receiving her bouquet for organising the event.

                                                                   The Zombie Dance

                                           Layla at the start of the Zombie Dance

                                                 Dancing to Michael Jackson's thriller

Roller Derby Zombieplus others,  these people had practised the dance a number of times and they all knew their moves, so it was pretty exciting.

                                                           The end of the dance
Layla with someone's teddy.

Thanks to Layla and her amazing team for a fantastic event that will live n the minds of the viewers and participants forever.

Looking forward to shooting the event next year that will be probably even bigger and more scary.

Creative Quote of the day

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
    Japanese Proverb

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