Monday, November 26, 2012

Attraction of the wonderful things I want in life, spiritually, physically. mentally and emotionally. .

  I have been listening to a tape on manifestation. 
Here are some of the important things the person has said. 

If you could do a single most immediate thing to increase your abundance it would be to change the words you use on a habitual basis. 

Words are your open sesame
Change the words you speak to reflect abundance, happiness power and fortune.
Don't talk of lack.

Words have tremendous power, believe in the power of your words. 

How many times today have you said or thought I can't afford? 
If you say you have no clients and that times are hard your reality will reflect this. 
You will have your self- fulfilled prophecies. 

Watch your casual conversations. 

Change your reality. 
Don't focus on what you haven't got.
If you don't want something, don't talk about it.

In order to make changes, we must overcome negative thought patterns from the past.
We need to give our subconscious a new dominant thought.

 Till the soil of the subconscious so it can receive the seeds that you sow.

My new dominant thoughts are  that I am abundant and I am grateful for what I have and am lucky.
I am full of wonderful things.
Everything is good, everything is excellent  now and I have  everything I need right now.

  I  believe in a new reality and am acting as if I am in it now.
 I am acting as if it's already happened so that it creates a compulsion.

So if I want to be a good photographer and award winner I believe I am one in the now. 
 I am not trying to be a good photographer
  I already am one. 
I am an award winning, well paid photographer. 

In reality  I already have the 24 to 105 lens that I  want and I have the money for it now.  
am buying it within this week.

  In reality I  am going to Italy and I am going to research the way to go.
 I am there in 2013. 
I've made the poster. 
 I'm viewing it daily and I'm pulling in the prosperity to pay for it.
It  is here already and the universe is reflecting this.

 I refuse to focus on lack.
 Forget about the future think about the now
 Thinking of present prosperity.

Look and act prosperous.
Sometimes you need to jump off a cliff and go grow your wings on the way down.

 I like this saying..I am going to illustrate it with a bird and an angel.

The subconscious mind doesn't like change, it will form resistance. Just keep on going.
We need to lull the subconscious into submission by changing our dominant thought.
When we do this we open our pipeline to the influence of the creative power of the universe.
 Nurture the soil with good seeds and fertile thoughts and you will grow wonderful flowers of joy.

Align ourselves correctly and we won't have mishaps.
It will all be effortless. 
Connect with the creative power of the subconscious mind through our thoughts and feelings.
The subconscious is really powerful.
We are seeing that what we want will manifest in two weeks.

 It is like putting the universe on  speed dial.

My husband has just come back from overseas.
He has given me a 10 out of 10.
He loves the garden. 
He  thinks New Zealand and I are both beautiful.  
This gives me the motivation to be more beautiful inside and out, He said the me he thought I was a lovely person. it's pretty cool that he is still saying this after thirteen years of marriage. 
I feel blessed.  
 I love it when people use the word beautiful around me.
It fills me with light and love. 
 You could almost say the key to my heart is talking  to me about beauty. 
If you say that something I have made is beautiful, it is like I am in heaven.

 I have suggested a new campaign  to my husband who is willing to be a part of it. 
The campaign is called How can we lift our game? 

We have finished the garden, which is such an abundant source of income, and joy in the now.
 The phone rings hot with garden clubs wanting to make paying visits and to see the mosaic demonstrations.
It is now time to renovate the house. 
I am going through it systematically to upgrade every area so that can have it featured in a Home and Garden magazine. 
And win a prize from Resene.

This is exciting. 
I can already feel my energy and vitality lifting. 

 I am making a list of all that needs to be done.

 There is a lot but we will be achieving it all step by step. 
Next year is a year of travel and adventure for me. 
My husband  is being sent to China on a business trip for his company early next year. 
Based in Shanghai.
He has asked me if I  want to go and am going because the buildings in Shanghai are great to photograph and apparently there is a lot of good art and parks over there.
I love Chinese food so that will beamazing 
I look forward to eating a banquet.
The only thing that puts me off is the long plane flight but I  have decided that I  will take my i-pad and write travelling articles that will be published.

Don't use the word trying.  
Using the word trying will things  take longer to manifest.  
Everything is manifested in the now moment.

Anyway these are the dominant thoughts. It's all at my fingertips.
 I  just have to press the right buttons.

I have taken a raffle ticket outside my supermarket from a Rotary Club and I am winning the trailer and food plus a barbeque.
I  will be giving the barbeque away and some of the food to the Church  if they want it for the poor as I  won't be able to eat it all and it is nice to give to others less fortunate during Christmas.
I will keep the trailer and give it to my husband for Christmas.
Perhaps the church would like the barbeque to raise funds or maybe to have church barbeques. 
 Let's see what happens in the future. 

Life is good. 
I am waiting with quiet expectation for the winning of the raffle ticket. 

Creative Quote of the day
The spirit or life spark which animates this manifestation could be called God.
Arthur Young


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Love your posts Janet they are always uplifting and so funny