Monday, November 26, 2012

In support of teaching classes that could be viewed as Art Therapy.

At the moment I am teaching a group of nine clients from the Te Aratu Trust and their delightful and artistically talented tutor, Lorraine Willoughby.

This is the second you I have taken the group for lessons and the payment for the lessons has been helped by grants  from the Civic  Arts Trust.
The Civic Arts Trust has been very supportive towards my mosaic and painting projects over the years.

They have provided money for  Mosaic Projects for the ADHD Society, Stroke Survivors Arts Group, Seventh Day Adventist School, St Michael's School, John Paul College, St Mary's School, Kaitoa Intermediate, Fibromaylgia Group and others.

  I am really interested in doing  more community mosaic and painting projects  in 2013 and I am looking for collaborations with community groups. 

I am preparing my 2013  year in advance now in between trips to China and Italy so if  anyone reading this is interested, call me for a Civic Arts Trust form and we can see whether we can work something out. 

Phone 07 3463435

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