Thursday, February 28, 2013

After School Open Studio Art Classes in Rotorua with Janet Keen

Due to popular demand I have increased the days that I am opening my studio to after school pupils for  painting and mosaic adventures.
The hours are 3.15pm to 5.00pm
 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  and Friday during school term.
Each lesson lasts an hour.
This is so young people don't get bored and tired.

Yukha and my cat Gary.

Everyone  will be encouraged to 
Buy a visual diary and to do at least one illustration per week at home which could be about a character of their making,  having adventures.

Each persons lessons are different and are tailor made to match their personalities.

 We are starting a series of children's book illustrations. Here they are learning to hold and control a brush and colour mix. Most children's book illustrations are outlined in black . I love to see what they come up with. 
Next week we are doing bird mosaics. 

 This is Finn's ist painting with me. He likes motorbikes and skulls. He's handling the paint well aready and has a good handle on drawing. 
 This work reminds me of Basquaits
Next week he is going to mosaic a car. 

Classes are small so each person gets plenty of attention.
Our primary focus is on having fun in a constructive  and creative environment. 

 Ryan and Cecily are a fun brother and sister to have in my class

 Practising their doodling skills.
 Here they are with the mosaic shark and flower they have just finished.

People are expected to focus and work to the best of their ability so that they have something lovely to show for their effort.
Loveliness is up to the individual. 

If you're into trucks, motorbikes and cars so am I. 
If you're into fairies, angles and dolls, so am I. 
If you're into birds or dinosaurs I'm your art teacher.
Topics covered are 
Acrylic painting, 
Oil painting, 
Watercolour painting,
Mixed media painting, 
Childrens book illustrating 
Book making
Mosaics animals
Mosaic mirrors
Mosaic pictures
Mosaic pavers. 
Here are some images of my pupil, Kyra. Kyra could do quite well selling her designs on teeshitrs. i have suggested she set up her own blog.

And her work

 Kyra's work is quite Gothic and could be described as edgy cute. There is a biog market for this type of work amongst young people. 


In addition to this I am running art classes for teenagers who have  on a Monday morning from 9.30 to 10.30 and from Friday mornings 9.30 to10.30 who may have special gifts with their art but don't fit into the school system for one reason or another. 

 Kyle is my longest term pupil and he is now going to Waiariki studying for a Diploma in Art and Design. I will still be teaching him and we are going to look at a series he can exhibit and sell. 

We are looking for a good venue

I am also training him to do commission work.  

A practising artist who doesnt want to be tied up with  or can't get into a gallery needs to spend over 50 per cent of their time marketing. 

I am going to be on hand to help in this area. 

Creative Quote

“The urge to draw must be quite deep within us, because children love to do it”

David Hockney

 Art for Health

I run classes for Outsider Art which is essentially classes for people with disabilities and challenges. I believe all people should have access to art.

Lorraine, tutor from Te Aratu Training Centre  in Rotorua which helps people with mental health issues. She is here with a group of the people's an exhibition that her people made from a series of six mixed media painting classes they did with me.

People who are special like this are often gifted artists and they need a quiet place of understanding where there is encouragement to express themselves in their own unique way.

Art can be thereupeutic, it can help you get through depression, express your anxieties, give you a feeling of relaxation and a feeling of accomplishiment.  
 It always brightens your day

Call me today if you think your young person may be interested. 
If they are interested in art I am interested in them. 
 374 Clayton Road,
New Zealand. 
Phone 073463435

I am always interested in teaching out of town groups whether it be schools or special needs or interest groups. 
Contact me for a quote. 
You may be eligible for Creative Communities Funding  or Civic Arts Trust Funding, depending on which region you are in.

If you are a charitable Trust you can apply for all sorts of grants which could help you with the cost of a mosaic mural project. 

 Contact me today and we can talk about it. 

I love doing Community Art Projects and I have designed a number of them for schools and community groups. 

 Ring 3463435 or text 0273513887

Creative quote
Attitude determines Altitude

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