Monday, April 29, 2013

Childrens book illustrating and Writing Workshop at Rotorua Arts Village Monday 29th April 2013

Me ( Janet Keen) with thirteen school holiday programme pupils at the Rotorua Arts Village in New Zealand. 
They are all making their own children's books with stories they are creating and illustrating.

(I haven't put the children's names in for privacy  reasons, so if any of the pupils are reading this,  Just remember never forget a face)
Thank you for doing such a great job.
 I enjoyed teaching you all. 
Well done.  


I had such fun helping these lovely young people, everyone was well behaved and focused. 

 First of all we made an eight page book with good quality cartridge paper.
Sarah who comes from England and is a professional artist,  was one of my helpers. (She is standing down the end)
She folded up the books all ready to go while demonstrated  how to make a story board with eight squares on a piece of paper, which they filled in with rough outlines. 

My other helper was a pupil from Girls High, she was on a Gateway Scheme. 
She helped the children with getting the supplies ready and colouring some of their pages with background colours. 

 She looked like she was having fun as well and had done some visual diary making at school in an accelerated class. 

As you can see people were motivated and focused. 
I had a separate table all piled up with examples of the books have illustrated visual diaries have made and a lot of illustrated children's books that have collected over the years.

I included as an example my after school  pupil,  Kyle Burling's work with his story board and folder full of illustrations.
The children were impressed. 

After they completed each stage of the process they were all given a sticker as a reward which they could put on their book if they wanted.
 I find that pupils of all ages can be motivated by stickers.
I use them often. 
They are inexpensive and they help to encourage people to extend themselves. 

Here is a lovely example of well illustrated work.
 Each persons book had a special charm of its own
 Everyone did something different which allowed them to express their individuality and creativity. 

Sarah helping by making some special 3 D writing, the children loved her input and her gentle caring style. 

Sarah also helped with their spelling

This was a great example of using a published illustrated book as inspiration.

This was an example of a bigger format for a book.
I believe if a person has an idea that is different from what others are doing they should be encouraged to explore it. 

 One of the the worst things in the world I believe for a teacher to do is to crush a childs ideas and be too rigid. 

 Children and infact everyone  needs  the opportunity to  problem solve and fly with their own voices. 
This empowers people and encourages them to have a go.
Often I can learn from children's ideas, it's a two way process.

This was an example of a book that came together beautifully
The illustrations were well made and large and filled up the space. 

This person was a pleasure to teach, she got into it all very enthusiastically.

This book was charming. 
The drawings were sweet and the painting of backgrounds really nicely done.
She was only 6,  so was doing well to  achieve a finished result.

This book was fun as well.
                                      Lovely, happy attitude. 

 This guy had his story worked out right from the start.  
Very  exciting and full of danger. 

Three D writing, helped by Sarah 
This person had a great lot of well made drawings prior to coming to class. 
My advice to him is to keep going to art programmes  and make more books.
At the end they all showed off their books. 
These were the titles: 
Everyone got their lettering done in pencil and most of their illustrations and they were rewarded with stickers and a home made card from me. 
They accomplished a massive task in three and a half hours. 
Absolutley fantastic.
 I was very proud of them all and really pleased with the results. 

Creative Quote of the day
Students don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. 

I am enrolling for after School classes now.
 There are places for people on  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday After School  in mosaics, craft and painting. 

$25.00 per pupil per hour. 
374 Clayton Road, Rotorua, New Zealand. 
Phone 3463435
text 025313887

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