Monday, April 22, 2013

Prophetic Art Class Hamilton with Lynne Sinclair-Taylor

 I went  to a Prophetic Art Class on a Saturday with Lynne Sinclair Taylor. 
I found her to be a sincere, caring teacher who encouraged everyone equally. 
Her artwork is very well constructed in terms of technique and her concepts are intrguing. 
She has a wide variety of work, in pastels and acrylics like me. 
This is great because it's never boring.
We had to do a piece from our hearts after being still and asking for divine guidance. 
Prophetic art is not about producing technically skilled masterpieces. 
It is about letting go and seeing what comes out and looking to see what the drawings are telling you.
We used crayons on cartridge paper.


 Then we had to do something for a partner, containing a message for that person. 
My message was that the person needed to go walking in nature with a camera and take lots of shots and to buy a dog.
 The person I gave it to said she had been thinking of buying a dog and that her son had a camera which she could borrow.
  I thought  if she got a dog she could go to forests by herself and the dog would be a good protecter. 

She gave me this. 
Saying I had gone through a dark period but light was coming through. 

Then we had to do a picture for a mystery person. 
I got this one from a woman and I  loved it.
 The thought of  a nice light house with pillows made me feel happy. I think it means that I need to rest . 
Also a frying pan which is about cooking. 
I do a lot of cooking so it's telling me to make nourishing food. 
Which I  have been, ever since and I have lost weight. 

I did another one of a big flower for my mystery person, who happened to be the same person I  did the first one for  and it was full of kind hopeful words, but she put it away before I  could photograph it. 

 Then we had to do a card for someone and we were supposed to give it away to someone in the steet we didn't knw but I haven't done this because  I  don't like forcing things on people I don't know. 
 I have kept it but I  am going to make some more cards on the theme of peace and give them away. 

 Finally we had to do a picture for ourselves and this was mine. Bringing in hope for the future.

 These are some of the other people on the course who were very nice.
 Everyone enjoyed themeslves and were very friendly.
 Communication was open and relaxed.

 I will probably go back to another one in the future with Lynne as I like going to other people's art classes and this was enjoyable. 

Prophetic art classes by Janet Keen Creativity Queen. 
I have come up with my own accelerated prophetic art class. 
I can put a package together for up to 14 members of your church or Sunday school or bible study group. 

We will be using dyes, oil pastels, coloured pencils, stickers and stamps. 
Half day classes, 9.30am to 12noon. 
Minimum 8 Maximum 14 
 From  $62.50 per person including materials. 

Children's two hour prophetic art classes from  $50.00 per child including materials. 

Ring 07 3463435
txt 0252573887
 374 Clayton Road, Rotorua, New Zealand

Creative Quote of the day
Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. 
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
Denis Waitley

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