Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Capers Epicurien

I love going to Capers Epicurien because their range of food is gorgeous tasting, attractive and healthy.

Quite often on a Thursday if I'm not running a class I will have an art day out.
 This may consist of going for a walk,  going to Capers for breakfast or lunch, then going to an Arthouse movie at the Basement Theatre.
 I also write three pages in longhand in my diary and do a couple of quick illustrations.
If you want to know more about this excellent programme of how to become more creative and free; read The artists Way by Julia Cameron
It's like my bible.
I have read it so often and I always gets something new out of it to pick me up every time I read the chapters and do the exercises.

Sometimes I go to the Rotorua Museum to see their latest art exhibitions, to the Rotorua Arts village to check out what's happening there or I may go hunting for art materials.
Sometimes I go to the library and have a look at their photography and art books and to check out the notice board for anything current happening artwise.

Sometimes I meet friends, but often I go by myself because I enjoy my own company.  
I live in a small town so I usually bump into someone I know and they usually mention they have been  enjoying reading my articles in the Rotorua Weekender, so this is good feedback.

Capers have a new menu and I tried the duck pate.
You should try it too. 

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