Thursday, July 11, 2013

Japanese art pupil her oil painting and mixed media illustration work

Yuhka has been coming for lessons now for a couple of years and she is a naturally fantastic drawer.
She is versatile in that any style we decide to tackle she can approach easily.
She has made paintings in water colours, acrylics,  mixed media and oil painting, plus mosaics.
She is a quiet focused and even tempered pupil and is always a pleasure to have in my class.

One of the highlights of the sort of work I do is building  relationships with the pupil's family.

 It is a great thing really to be admitted into their lives this way and it is an insight to other cultures which I really appreciate.
The mothers are always so lovely.

Here is a mixed media girl illustration using scrapbook papers in the background and acrylic paint on the top.
I have taught this lesson to a number of people and they all come up with something different.

I love all the Japanese festivals.
I have a Japanese garden at the back of my studio and I write a lot of haiku. 

We have been celebrating Tanabata this month with stars

One day I would love to go to Japan.

I watch a lot of Japanese subtiled movies so I feel like I'm there
I have just finished watching an amazing one called Departures.
It's quirky and soulful.

 I cried during some of it which is always a sign of a good movie for me.
I recommend you get it from a video shop.
It's about death and also of course about life and the passing of the seasons.

You will not be disappointed.

 This is my Chinese Photography buddy Jing.
She is a lovely, happy, bubbly person and I intend to spend time with her taking shots on photographic adventures as she's just bought herself a new 650d Canon Camera, with a 24 to 105 lens.
This is practically  the same set up as I have so I will be able to help her.

 Star festival Celebration of the Seven Sisters Stars.
I am celebrating Matariki and Tanabata and also fundraising to go to Italy next April. 
I am running drop in workshops during  most mornings of the week starting in August for people to bring their own beads and make a special star.
 I will provide the glue, the paint,  the cut out wood and the laquer plus tuition.

The cost is $75.00 per person.
Team bonding groups most welcome.
Email to reserve your place.

Creative Quote of the Week
Aim for the moon, if you miss you will land amongst stars.

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