Monday, July 8, 2013

Mid winter holidays in the sun, Noosa


I think if you told me I would never go to Noosa again I'd be tempted to plunge my head into an ice cold bucket of water and leave it there for five minutes. 

I've  been going there every year practically for the past 8 years and I never get enough of it. 
It is the perfect place for a mid winter break. 
If I had enough money I would buy  a small, cute house nestled amongst Queen Palms and Australian wild flowers and paint, make mosaics and teach for six months of the year up and down the sunshine and gold coast. 

Then I'd live the other six months of the year by the beach in New Zealand, maybe  Ohiwa harbour because its lovely and peaceful there. 
Maybe I'd get bored, so I think I'd really like to live in Tauranga in the country near an estuary with a bit of land soI  could have a dog, a couple of alpacas, two cats, a rabbit and an assortment of birds. 

  love going to the Noosa library it's very good.
 It is small and intimate and  set in amongst native trees and birds and has a great selection of art books and also free Wi-fi.
 It has a good sized  area for regular artist exhibitions and you can pick up some  books in their sales.
They have a wonderful notice board where you can find out what's on offer to do.
If I lived there I would like to work for the Noosa News interviewing artists in the whole area and writing feature articles about them.
I think I could do a really good job of this.

People from Rotorua who haven't been to Noosa say uninformed things to me like  ohhhh (in a high pitched voice);  it's expensive over there isn't it? 
I feel like telling these people to get a life and not be so penny pinching.

We don't find it expensive at all because we know a really reasonably  priced place to stay. And even if you do have to shell out money so what, you're on holiday and you've got to enjoy your life.  
Ivory Palms in Noosaville is perfect for us. It has a tennis court,  lots of swimming pools, a spa, spa baths in the room and catering facilities.

We know the nicest tasting, reasonably priced restaruants where all the locals go. 

I have just heard that they are doing direct flights from Auckland, starting in August,  straight through to the Sunshine coast airport which would save you money on  rental car hire and time. 

Why can't they have a direct flight from Rotorua to the Sunshine coast or even Brisbane I ask?  
That would be even better not having to drive all the way up to Auckland. 
We self cater a lot so  we can take advantage of the seasonal passionfruit, pineapple, and strawberries that taste just fantastic. 
We only get a rental car at the beginning and end of the holiday and we walk everywhere or get public transport, so it's a healthy break. 

A lot of artists live there. 

They have great bookshops and lovely art galleries. 

Noosa is absolutley beautiful. 
The light is magnificent for photography. 
 They have a lot of  New Zealanders living there and conservationists who really care about the animlas and native bush. 

They resist  the advance of crass big business developers who want  to deseminate the bush with large, ugly shopping centres and hideous high rises. 
In the past eight years we have been going there it hasn't changed much and that's the way we like it.
It's not all that touristy when we go because it's their off season.
It's  a bit like Mt Maunganui but prettier and  more natural.

People are friendly, happy and relaxed.
People go out in big family and friend groups and have barbeques all along the Noosa Riiver. 
 All sorts of people are out walking their beautifully groomed designer dogs. 
It's just fabulou becauser the dogs are well behaved and friendly and  I can get the chance to add to my people and their dog collection of photos. 
A lot of surfies live there because the surf is reasonably good with long rolling waves. 

 Business owners go there for the lifestyle rahrter than to make truck loads of money. 

 It is surrounded by huge National parks, so the air smells of eucalyptus and is pure and revitalising. 
 The bird life is utterly fantastic and quite a few of them are sort of tamed by restaurant owners so they eat fish dolled out by hand. 

I could rave on for hours about it, but I  don't want to bore you anymore. 

Just open up your mind and consider not going to the crass Gold Coast with its crowds of tourists and gimicky kids theme parks. Think about going to Noosa or Noosaville and have a more relaxed holiday where you can breathe in the fresh air and get lots of exercise while exploring. 
You'll come back feeling like a million dollars. 

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