Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cherry Tree Blossoms and Tui at the Tree Trust Garden in Rotorua

     The soft misty early morning light with cherry tree blossoms.

Spring cleaning in the studio can be a tedious existence.
I always know  the perfect antidote to it and it’s walking amongst nature up at the Rotorua Tree Trust with my camera.

 The quest for the perfect Tui in the Cherry tree shot is the allure.
The numbers of them in there all becoming intoxicated with the nectar and fighting for the best trees are staggering.
I have never seen so many on one area ever.

 These shots are what I took last year and I was happy with them
 But since then I've learned about the light
I have a more expensive if not expansive lens and my taste for a what a Tui shot can be has been so altered that I no longer think they are the best I can do.
it's always a challenge and persistence pays. 
You've got to take a lot of shots before you get a good one in my experience. 
Its all about the light.

I always return to the cleaning and decluttering the studio with a renewed sense of optimism for around five minutes after  I have arrived back from an outing. 

Mother Teresa – the More You Have… 

The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.

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Alick G Rogers said...

Love your attitude your Photos and your Tuis & Cherry Blossoms....In Waihi we have just planted our first Cherry Blossom Feature Garden in Gilmour Reserve....It's our "Tui Garden".
We planted 10 Prunus Puddum in an Oval formation, with a Prunus yedoensis 'Awanui' in the centre.
The Puddums are also noted as a target for Nectar loving Tuis
Waihi Cherry Blossom Festival Society Inc.