Monday, September 23, 2013

Morrinsville, visit to Granville the Yellow Crested Cockatoo in Fitness Furnishings with his beloved owner Ray.

They have been together for thirty years.
Granville loves Ray so much that he doesn't like to be away from him
Which is why he comes into the shop and lives in his cage during working hours
Granville is a great attractant to people visiting this lovely shop and the Caffiene Cafe in Morrinsville
He talks to you, has a variety of words
And if he likes you he will let you scratch his neck

I would love a parrot like this
Because he would be a great friend.
When he gets home he is allowed to fly around in trees
For some exercise
And he can always be relied on to come back
Because he is bonded in a way to Ray that no other bird could replace
The people at the shop said that when Ray dies the parrot will be buried with him
Because his grief will be inconsolable
It is lovely to celebrate the long time I'm sure they still have to be together. 
So if you are in Morrinsville; go into Fitness Furnishings have a look at all the beautiful accessories and furnishings they have for your home. Have  a beautifully prepared  cup of coffee at Caffiene and something delicious to eat. 

And please visit Granville, he would love to see you and to have a little chat.

Creative Quote of the day 
 Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.
Will Rogers

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This is the story I  wrote for the Rotorua Daily Post Weekender.

 A great way to motivate yourself creatively is to have a project. 
I have an ongoing photographic project that i have been working on for the past three years and it's called  Pet Love Stories.

 I will be having an exhibition of these photographs when the venue and time is right . 
Meanwhile I'm having a lot of fun collecting images from all over New Zealand and Australia. 

Recently I took off for an adventure to a shop in Morrinsville called Fitness Furnishings where a sulphur crested cockatoo called Granville lives.
 I have met him twice before with my husband and he always says "hello" and bends his head down for a scratch. 

I'd love to take Granville home and install him in my art studio. I've always fancied the idea of carrying a parrot around on my shoulder and teaching it motivational phrases like "You can do anything you set your mind to" and "work smarter not harder."

Staff at the shop have told me  that when his owner passes on   Granville will be buried with him because the two are inspearable. 
This makes me sad.
I keep imagining how he will be killed and who will do it. 

I am wondering whether his wife has the same passion for the parrot that has been with them for over thirty years. 

Ray came out and unlocked the cage and Granville hopped onto his hand and swooned. 
They did lots of endearing poses and Granville had a fascination for knocking Ray's glasses to the ground.

The display of  devotion made me feel so happy, it was a precious moment to be a winess to such a beautiful   love story. 
I took lots of shots which you can see here. 
I am wishing them both a very long life so that I can keep visiting. 

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