Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Launceston, a morning spent in town

 We went into town to have a look around to have a good coffee, photograph  the architecture and to City Park to see the Macaque monkeys and trees.

This city has one of the best collection of intact  Georgian and Victorian architecture in Australia.

 The beautiful detailed artwork and craftsmanship makes you yearn for these places in your own city.
How could anyone living in this elegant place not have an appreciation for art and culture and creativity?

 This park has formal plantings of trees and garden, heritage fountains and of course the monkeys which they obtained in the 1980's.

This  is a bronze sculpture of a botanist, bronze sculptures are everywhere in Launceston.

The detail on these types of works is awe inspiring.  

This is a fountain that is shaped like a bird cage was gifted to the park by Queen Victoria.
Sculptures are everywhere in this city.

Tasmanian Tigers in bronze
 Women are honoured as well, it's a beautiful thing to see female  figures as part of buildings.

Creative quotes of the day

"Sculpture is the art of intelligence"
Pablo Picasso

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul"
Joseph Addison.


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