Friday, April 25, 2014

Mosaic Flower School Holiday Classes and After School Classes, enrolling now

 I love the flower that Emily made so much that I would just love to make one exactly like it. 
She is a very talented artist. Well done. I hope I get to teach her to paint in the next school holidays.
 Congratulations you are a person of so many talents.

I cut the flowers out with my jigsaw and have all the tiles and glue and grout all ready for the pupil to come in and start creating.

I give them  instruction on how to apply the tiles and how to cut them and I give the pupil freedom also to express themselves

I have hairdryers to speed up the process.

Grouting with the correct grout for the job.
 All my mosaics look amazing in these glass tiles exclusively available for use in my studio.

They paint the back and sides of the Flower with Resene testpots of their choice.
A sparkly blue was chosen.
Resene is best for the job because it is good quality and it stands up to the weather outside.

The results speak for themselves.
 I use high quality materials.
Students work in a professional studio so they are treated like real artists.
The classes are small so they get very good attention.

They can be inspired by all my artwork and mosaics in a studio with an organic garden setting.

Group bookings for community groups enrolling now.

After school lessons enrolling.
Let yourself or your child fly with creativity today.

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Text 0273513887

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