Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Photo Impressions of White island New Zealand by Janet Keen Rotorua Abstract Photographer

 If you come to New Zealand it is well worth while visiting White Island.

This is a live volcano full of billowing steam and sulphur

Patterns on the earth are impressive because of their brightly coloured corrugations

Large lava rocks burst out of the earth and the air is full of sulphurous fumes

 There is a feeling of dangerous excitement. it could explode at any time

The atmosphere feels angry and hot

It is an ideal place for abstract impressionistic photography
 Because on the one hand it is harsh and barren and on the other startlingly beautiful in its loneliness

You can feel almost the agony of people having been killed by explosions here

It is the closest and easiest live volcano to reach in New Zealand because you access it by boat

 Its weather dependant because the Whakatane bar can be treacherous in bad weather for boats.

But go I urge you because its impressions will stay in your mind long after your footprint has been  ground down  and disappeared into the sulphurous haze.

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