Saturday, June 10, 2017

St Michael's Catholic School Rotorua and our gorgeous quirky animal, bird, fish and insect Mural created with 200 different coloured Resene testpots.

This is a long awaited, planned vision that I have written about and mentioned in my vision boards.  
 I've wanted to make a painting mural featuring "All God's Creatures"  with  Schools  for the past nine years.

St Michael's Catholic School in Rotorua  is the perfect school to make my first one. 

The children  well behaved and well mannered.

The Principal Shelly Fitness has artistic, creative vision.

I did my very first mosaic mural series with  former Principal Greg Day, so St Michael's Catholic School holds a special place in my heart.

Thanks to Creative Communities for helping to fund the project.

Guardians of God's Creation. 56 components to make up a seven piece mural.

1. Sam the Saddleback by Hamuera.

 Giant Green  caterpillar eating bird walking towards  a feast of red berries while dropping some eggs.

2.Tama the Tuatara by Campbell.

Galloping Tuatara, wonder where he is off to?

 Artistic expression  is a gateway to the power of possibility. 
 A picture tells a thousand words.

3. Monique the Monarch by Phoebe

Monarch butterfly with her caterpillar babies

4.Campbell the Canadian Goose by Rangatahi

 Plucky, Clucky Canadian  Goose. Canadian Geese  at so much grass on farmers' land that they are considered pests. In 2011 the Canada goose was declared an unprotected species. Sad because they are so graceful.

Kevin the Kakariki by Tamzyn

 Apple Eating  Kakariki with insect friends.

6. Fishla the fish by Ranni

Gregarious ( Mother)  Goldfish with Agonising Octopy and tantalising Turtle.

7. Briana the Butterfly By Reilly.

Admirable Admiral  Briana Butterfly flying over lilly pads towards a bright and shiny day

8. Kate the Kea By Grace.

 An over enthusiastic, Kea wrecking a raspberry bush by mistake.  Tiny her best owl friend sits nearby on the lichen covered fence  hoping he's not going to be showered with raspberries.

9. Frank the Fantail by Ayva.

  Food, friend  or foe Frances the  Fantail is too young to know , which is why he looks so worried.
10. Still unidentified

Grumpy Tui trying to spear a berry?

11.Bianca the Butterfly by Phoenix

Monarch Butterfly chasing a Ladybird

12.Ruth the rainbow trout by Maddy

Rainbow Trout blowing Bubbles

13. Mike the Mallard duck by Harper.

Duck meditating while looking after  his eggs

14. Willow the Waxeye, by Hana

 Hana Waxeye  in a field of daisies contemplating a butterfly on a happy , sunny day.

15. Bobby the Black Robin by Tama.

16..Mitchell the Moa, by  Toby T.


18. Daphne The Dragonfly By name to come

19. Bella the bellbird, by Francis.

20. Katherine the Kokako, by Tara.

21 Tommy the Tomtit, by Lincoln.


 22. Tony the Tuatara, by Cohen

23. Fiona the Fantail and Rosie the Chihuahua by Lincoln Eviarn and Ruby.

24. Walter the Wasp by Jack

25. Bernie the Bee by Teagan

26.Wrinkly the Weta by Luke

27. Kerry the Kiwi, by  Hamish and Lincoln, name to be confirmed.

28. Shelly the Saddleback by Annabell

29. Fred the Frog by Alyssa.

30.Blake the Blackbird by Rowland.

31. Hannah the Huia by Kate.

 32.Seb the sparrow by ?

33.Queenie the Quail by Jade W.

34.Olivia the Owl by Sammy

35.Koby the Kakapo by Blake.

 36.Chloe the Caterpillar and Bob the Beetle by Madison and Isobel.

 37.Izaeha names to come.

38.George the Gecko by Theo.

39. Sarah the Saddleback by Teoriwa

 40. Bruce the Black Backed Gull by Richi.

41. DJ the Dragonfly by Rebekah.

42. Paul the Pheasant by Andrew

43. Matt the Morepork by Justin.

44.Goldie the Goldfish By Alisha

45. Tim The Takahe, By Nicholas
46. Peter the Praying Mantis, By Niwha

47.Freedom the Falcon,  By Koby

48. Lilly the Ladybug, By Ruby

49. Smith the Saddleback by Jack P.

50. Harry the Hawk, By Dylan

51.Polly the Pukeko by  Keita

52. Martha the Mynah Bird, By  Honor


54 Olive the Owl, By Anna


56.Lori the Lorikeet, By Bianca.

Keep tuning in, to catch up on all the fun and the stories.....

Creative Quote:
Every child is an artist the challenge is how to remain one once you grow up. Pablo Picasso.


janeen brian said...

Wonderful, strong and appealing work. I LOVE children's art! And you're so good at getting the best from them, Janet!

Danielle said...

Absolutely magnificent, Janet. Each and every one, a wonderful piece to behold!