Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mt Maunganui an impressionistic day at the beach by Janet Keen, Rotorua Art Photographer

  We drove an hour to Mount Maunganui   to try out  my new 800D Canon Camera.

 I wanted to perfect or start to embark on my landscape photography journey for 2018.
  The weather was hot and sunny while in Rotorua it was cold and grey.
I almost felt like I was in Australia, Noosa to be wishfully precise.

The Mount has a great buzz this time of year.
Lots of cafes, people, lovely shops ,wide walkways, people with their cute designer dogs and the sea rolling in splashing up  on the rocks.
Boys jumping off rocks into the sea.

I could not be bothered  carting my  tripod in the heat to the beach because it took ten minutes to get there by foot.
We were lucky to find a park.
The place was teaming with people.

My husband went for a swim so I just stayed under a Pohutukawa tree taking shots with different settings. 
I felt like a bit of a voyeur.
I was the only one around with a camera.
I felt lucky to be a woman because people might have thought I was trying to shoot bikini clad women.

Of course when I arrived home and put them up onto the computer  the  initial results were underwhelming because it was not the right time of day.
 The light was not magical
So I did some work on them and what came up?
Ghosts of course.

I was super happy with this. 
Which brings me to the lesson I think that may have been held up for me to see.
In life you can have all the best intentions and goals in the world.
You can try to change everything and control it but in doing so you are missing out on what the world wants you to see or produce.

Every time you take your camera out if you are observant and flexible enough, you will find the magic comes to you.
Cutting your mind off to the power of possibility means that creativity can be suffocated and forced.
 You can feel unhappy that you haven't achieved what your initial vision was.
Being a mindful photographer takes care of anxiety.
You just shoot what you see and see what happens.


 One day I know I'll be able to produce the perfect landscape but it's just not now.
It will require some more effort,  the right light, more research and some special equipment.
But one day it will happen.
 Until that day I will enjoy the journey and share with people on here the results of my adventuring.

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Creative Quote:
It is only an illusion that you do not have what you want
Sanyana Roman.


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Claire Worrall said...

These are beautiful Janet. I love the unexpected results. I'll be sure to share these with our art students. Come in for a visit some time, you are always welcome. Maybe we could get you in to do a little workshop? I'm incorporating a landscape theme into our senior programs this year. Kind regards Claire Worrall from JPC. :-)