Sunday, May 13, 2018

Peacock Beauty at Auckland Zoo

Peacocks started appearing since my birthday in April.
I bought a peacock cushion for the sofa when I began re-decorating.
A friend bought me a card with a peacock feather on it.
Another friend gave me a scarf with a peacock on it for my birthday

I  touched a peacock kimono in an Art Deco shop  in Napier I didn't have time to try it on.
I couldn't remove the image of it or the its velvety touch out of my mind.

 I rang the shop up when I arrived home and ordered it.
When it came by courier it was the most sumptuous thing I have ever bought and it looks very lovely on.
  It will be perfect when I go to the Art Deco week in February next year.

In Napier peacocks were prevalent.
The  Art Deco era featured them frequently in jewellery, artwork  and clothing.

Too many serendipitous moments around peacocks were befalling me for it to be co-incidence.

So I googled it.

A male peafowl, which has very long tail feathers with eye-like markings that can be erected and fanned out in display.

An ostentatious or vain person.

 I always think the word peacock is a disservice to the bird.
It sounds so plain; bordering on insulting.
If someone says of someone, "He's a peacock, it's generally not taken to be a compliment.

boaster · brag · bragger · show-off · blusterer · trumpeter · swaggerer · poser · poseur · egotist · self-publicist · blowhard · big mouth · big-head

Why denigrate something so intensely beautiful?
What about renaming it the Bird of  Supreme Iridescence?
Or Bird of  Majestic Paradise  

Maybe Bird of Beguiling Intoxication.
Or the bird of Alluring Radiance
Which one do you like?
Do you have a name for it of your own?


In history, myth, legend and lore, the peacock symbolism carries portents of: Nobility, Holiness, Guidance, Protection and Watchfulness.

Contemplate the powers of the peacock when you need more vibrancy and vitality in your experience.

The peacock can also help you on your spiritual Path and breathe new life into your walk of faith.

The peacock can rejuvenate self-esteem levels too.
 If you’re feeling “blah” and blue, imagine the glorious, techno-color display the peacock provides.

 This puts us in a proper mood to embrace your own nobility.
 In no time, you’ll be walking tall and proud as a peacock too.

A peacock, I'll name him Prince Pierre came up to me at the Auckland zoo and stayed for a couple of minutes looking into my eyes.

Probably checking me out for food.
 He strutted away and I followed him around, clicking frantically,  trying to achieve  the perfect peacock shot and asking him to spread his tail.

 He obviously didn't find me attractive enough  that day because his tail dragged behind him like a gaudy feather duster.  
My shots were  not spectacular.
But his presence has stayed with me.
 In light of the current situation with regard to my husbands health, I choose to see it as a hopeful portent.

Picasso said that Painting is like writing a diary.


Maybe this should be re-named "Being Hopeful"  or "What have you got to lose?


It dances today, my heart,
like a peacock it dances,
it dances.
It sports a mosaic of passions like a peacock’s tail,
It soars to the sky with delight, it quests,
Oh wildly, it dances today, my heart,
like a peacock it dances.

Dream tonight of peacock tails, Diamond fields and spouter whales. Ills are many, blessing few, But dreams tonight will shelter you.

Herman Melville


Creative Quote to leave you with.
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller 

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