Saturday, January 26, 2019

Art of Illustration Classes For Adults and Children.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings from 9.30am to 11.30am For Adults.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Afternoons from 3.30pm For children and young adults.

374 Clayton Road, Rotorua
 If you are genuinely interested in lessons
 Phone 0273513887 or email for a free creativity consultation.
Enrolling now for 2019

 The idea of dealing with demons was suggested by a writer friend of mine.

 A hedgehog ran up to me when I was weeding at the back garden.
 He snuffled my toes and ran off.
 I was quite surprised but I felt he was trying to tell me a message.
If I go into my intuition I think he was trying to tell me that there is a place for everyone in my garden and to leave some areas messy for snuffling in.
The garden is organic, no sprays, plenty of snails for birds and hedgehogs.

 I went to the Auckland zoo and saw the Meercats.
 About two thirds of the zoo was closed and the Meercats were one of the most interesting displays.
I love the little watch cats who  sound alarms when threats turn up
I was a bit disappointed with the zoo that day because I wanted to see lots of animals.

 I was at Ohiwa harbour by the sea and lots of birds were swooping around chattering.
 I have a theory that all living things have a language and we need to be still to hear  and decipher what they are all talking about.
Quite often I sit in the country and just be still and which birds turn up and I always  talk to them.

I would love to have a free pet bird that I could get up close and personal with. I don't like birds in cages. I spend a lot of time talking and feeding birds but they are a bit wary in my garden because of my cat.

My cat follows me everywhere in the garden, in the studio, to the compost and inside when I'm playing my keyboard and working on my computer.
He has his own chair at the dinner table but he's not allowed to have food scraps from our plates. Occasionally he catches rats but not often, he seems to prefer to sleep. he also is not a great fighter so his ears are intact not like Gary my last cat who was a great warrior.
 Gary was a devoted as jasper but in a different way All cats to me are Gods.

Wherever I go I illustrate.
Every country is different, every location different.
It is a rewarding pastime because it makes you appreciate your surroundings as you lose yourself in mindful creation.

Picasso said that painting is another way of writing a diary and it's true.
  I look back at my visual diaries full of illustrations and I can recall exactly what was happening with me psychologically, spiritually physically and mentally.

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