Monday, March 5, 2012

Photography a short photographic safari.

Some recent shots of Rotorua that I took for my first  Photography Assignment that I  am doing  through Trish McAuslan's online photography course. A day in Rotorua, photo essay.
If you would like to know more about this course please contact Trish at
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Rotorua Photographic Safai.
If you  are a beginning photographer and would like to go on a Photo Safari around Rotorua for a day or half a day I can show you all the "best spots to take the best shots".
You will need to be up early and also shooting just before dusk to capture the beautiful light that this volcanic paradise  has to offer.

The Bath House now called the Rotorua Museum is fully completed.
One of the finest buildings in New Zealand inside and out.
Photography only permitted on the outside.

Uncropped version, which do you like best?
You can see more of the Government Gardens bowling green in this one.
 The Government Gardens are beautifully presented, the council garden designers have a lot of artistic flair  All the annual beds around the city are frequently changed.
Their spring display of tulips with Forget-Me-Nots are unforgettable.
You could spend a whole day in here and you would get a large variety of potentially award winning shots. .
The best time is Spring and Summer so that you can shoot the  unusual perennial  flowers and annual borders.

Flowers with statue in background

I liked the seagull perching on top of this  war heroes head.
Must find out the name of the man.
Why aren't more women put up on top of pedastals is always a question I ask myself.

The Te Runanga Tea Rooms.
 Hired out for intimate functions and nostalgic  afternoon teas.
I could just imagine tucking into a pile of home made cakes and club sandwiches on  bone china, three tiered plates- if my diet would allow such indulgences.

Tea rooms with rotunda in the background.
 In summer they hold free concerts for families  here. 
 Great to think that Rotorua musicians are such community minded spirits.

Intriguing Maori carving with black bowler hat

Another, looking quite serious

And another poking out his tongue looking quite ferocious. 
 Te Arawa has some of the best master carvers in New Zealand or should I say Aotearoa.

 Thought this statue looked particularly foreboding with the sharp fence around the outside of a boiling mud pool .
Don't know the name of this historic figure either.

 Close up of the detail of the elegant lights.
This place is amazing for getting great night shots of lights on buildings and vegetation.

Couldn't resist one last passing shot of the seagull.

                                       Whakarewarewa  Geyser early morning taken from Whaka Golf course.
It's a marvellous thing to travel through Rotorua early morning or just on dusk and see the patterns that the billowing steam makes.
It's never boring.

             Whaka Golf course,  challenging shots  if you were a golfer.
Nice to walk around and take camera shots if you're not.
 Best to do it early morning when there's no chance of being hit by a flying ball.

                              Always some steaming pool to lose your balls in.

Lakefront Rotorua, plenty of touristy and sightseeing things to do from here.
Imagine the shots you could take.
Hire a boat, go on a paddle steamer trip around the lake, go up in a plane and see an aerial view of Mt Tarawera, walk along the lakefront trying to get the perfect shot of ...

                            your favourite geese in front of Mokoia Island.

                                  Good eating down at the lakefront with some tasty cafes nearby.
This whole area is up for redevelopment with cafes and art galleries and boutique shops.
I guess the geese will be shunted out.

There is a lovely walk around the lakefront to Sulphur Point .
It  has an incredible array of bird life.
 If  you are a bird nut like me you'll be enchanted .

This is only a small taste of what you could experience on a Rotorua  Photographic Photo Safari with me so drop me an email today

We can work out a plan.
Women beginner  photographers from overseas countries are especially welcome.


Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

This is absolutely breath taking, what a beautiful beautiful place. Every thing about this blog is brilliant. The bay of Plenty how suitably named!!!

Anna Schüler said...

Do you live in paradise? These pictures are breathtaking. I have to become famous and richvery soon to visit this wonderful place :)

Lots of greets from germany

teri said...

Now that was indeed a nice tour. And I did not even need to get up too early to see it. I hope to someday travel to New Zealand. This world is so full of things to see.

As for your question.For me I could see the cropped shot as the banner on a blog or book cover. And the second I can see framed on a wall.