Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More funky photos,Favourite subjects.

In praise of being  funky and  eclectic.
Often as an artist there is pressure to conform, work thematically, tone things down, please others sense of the ordinary when all you want to do is please yourself and be really different.
Why not give it a go step outside your comfort zone and create something bizarre.
Too bad if it doesn't match or work to a theme.

I bought this mannequin off Trade Me a year ago, intending to mosaic her but I decided she is more useful to me as she is as a photographic model.

The Rotorua Museum, the most amazing building in Rotorua

Kinloch marina the view from the balcony of  the family bach
I have lots of photos of this.

Pelicans I photograph at Noosa

                                                           Irrestistable parrots in Noosa

                                               Fingerlings at the Fisheries in Paradice Valley
Alpacas on a farm near Hamurana
Okere falls water abstracted.

I've always seen myself as sort of this funky, eclectic artist.

Suzy Bogguss

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Thankyou so much Janet for the comment on my website :) I am so glad you liked it.... Its still under construction and I hope to complete it soon :) There will be much much more then to go through over there :)

Nice to have heard from you, do keep in touch :)

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