Monday, March 5, 2012

Why take a Photography course? Three reasons....

       Reason Number One.
It gets me out of my comfort zone and makes me view the world differently so that I take shots that I may not normally think about.

For instance I never would have taken these shots oof the dandelions if I hadn't attended an Eva Polack workshop on transcending the light. It was through her that  I  learned about extenders for my 50mm macro lens which enabled me to get that much closer.
To the fluffy textures, almost as I was a caterpillar looking for a place to hide from a parasitic wasp.  

Reason Number 2
It makes me try taking shots from differing viewpoints and opens me up to  photographic powers of possibility.

Like my abstracted berry collection, which represents my concept of the harmony of worlds within worlds.
There are views from an ants perspective that most humans have never slowed down enough to take the time to see before they squirt it all with pesticides.
This is why my garden is 100 per cent organic.
Everything is in harmony and even wasps are welcome because they have their part to play.

      I like soft focus, abstracted forms, textures and photos with mystery.

The Southern Institute of Technology Diploma in Digital Photography which I am attempting to do has a focus ( literally ) on work that is not really in my comfort zone.
They like tack  sharp images most of the time.
To get a tack sharp image is quite challenging  for me, especially with my kit lenses which is why I want a 24 to 105  Canon series l lens at $1800.00

It  requires you to have an excellent understanding of exposure, to put your camera on a tripod using a cable release and to try to be really original and exciting with your shots.
The images need to tell a story or say something extra ordinary and you need to take lots of shots and cull, cull, cull.

I  am starting the second paper this week

Reason Number Three 
 Learning something new is always inspiring to me and reviewing what I have already learned is also helpful for reinforcement.

Southern Institute of Technology Diploma in Digital Photography.
Doing a tertiary level course likes this  makes you get off the sofa and take the shots in all weather and try harder.
It also makes you toughen up when you get hard critiqing.

Aerial shot of Redwoods that my tutor last year liked.
I ended up getting a B for the beginners course and I was happy with that.
 Of course I  would have been ecstatic with an A but it's the journey not the destination that counts.

Which leads me to talk about my own Acrylic painting and mosaic classes.
If you want to see the world through anothers eyes, be opened up to the powers of possibility and to be inspired in a fun and organic environment then you are welcome to enquire about a special place tailor made for you.

Janet Keen  Creativity Classes, teaching you to fly with creativity.

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teri said...

Wow! You are a quick study. These images are near to paintings. Those dandelion seed heads are fabulous. The eye image is wonderful- a painting of yours? If so, wow...again.